Your New Friend in Advertising 

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Strut Cards - Your New Friend in Advertising 

When it comes to advertising, you’re going to want all the friends you can get. There are so many different tools and resources that the business can take advantage of when they want to promote something successfully, and one of those is the strut card. 

Design tips for strut cards

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Need to make an announcement quickly and easily? The strut card format is perfect. These display or on-counter tools boost visibility of key messaging – everything from alerting customers to a new rule or regulation, to announcing a new promotion in an accessible and highly visible format. Strut cards are one of the most popular promotional and marketing tools in the printing world - and have an enduring appeal which seems to transcend industries, time and place. However there are a few ways to make your strut cards really stand out so read on for our top tips for strut card design success!

Strut Your Stuff

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5 Things to Remember for Your Strut Cards

Strut cards – when done well, with the right design and high-quality printing, they should grab attention and stop passers-by in their tracks. They’re also super cheap to produce and incredibly versatile. But alas, as with all forms of printing, you need to plan your design carefully if your investment is going to pay off. So here is our ‘How To’ when it comes to ensuring your strut cards work as the marketing tool you hoped they would be.

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